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By Viet Le / February 28, 2017

Whether you’re working, or you are an avid gamer, you probably hate that irritating clicking sound. Not only does that sound distract you, but it also distracts others around you. So, how about change that and finally give yourself (and others) that piece of mind you’ve always dreamed of?Here you’ll find all that you need […]


25+ Cool DIY Wedding Invitation

By Fahad Hashmie / April 8, 2014

Wedding is an event in which a couple is bind together in a very beautiful relations. It is and event in which a couple is married and they take a vow to be always together till the end of life. This bond is only strengthen by trust, love, compromise and sacrifice. For this event, a […]


25+ Professional Save The Date Cards

By Fahad Hashmie / April 2, 2014

Save the Date, is like a notice which states the date of a significant event. This notice is usually sent to those who can be affected by these events. Save the date, is like selecting the date i.e. day for some special ceremony. This ceremony or event can be of any type e.g. party, dinner […]


25+ Creative Wedding Invitations

By Fahad Hashmie / March 29, 2014

Marriage, is the beautiful and pleasing relationship in the life of married couple. Marriage is a vow in which couple take oath to live together till the end of their lives, they vow to stay together in every moment of life, in every ups and downs in the life. They vow to see happiness and […]


25+ Charming Smiley Faces

By Zahida S / February 23, 2014

Smileys or Smiley-Faces are the Emoticons (emotion icons) that are used to express the feeling of someone in the form of icons. At start these smileys were just combination of characters e.g. 🙂 (smiling face), 🙁 (sad face) etc. But now smileys are stylized into graphical representation and growing better and better from still images […]


30+ Impressive Tattoo Designs For Women

By Hammad Malik / July 22, 2013

This time funlava brings hot looking tattoo design for beautiful and gorgeous looking women.Women are beautiful creation of this beautiful world.We should deal with every women with love and care and need to give them full respect and love in all aspect of life. Fashion and women are closely related.It is believe of the world […]


55+ Beautiful And Charming Nail Art Designs

By Hammad Malik / March 30, 2013

Women is the beautiful creation of the world.Without the women the world seems to be uncompleted.This plays a very important role in completing the world with all their beauty.Women are the smart and  caring creations they want love and caring from the man who is very close to them and want full kind of chill […]