25+ Epic New Year Wishes

Wish is a dream… A dream you want it to become reality… A reality you want it to become prosper and peaceful. It is a dream that you  make with your heart. A wish has no time for it, it can be made anytime and anywhere.

There are many occasions where people make wishes to their friends and relatives. It can be any religious event or can be any social event like birthdays, father’s and mother’s day etc. New year is also one of the when most of the people make wishes for their relatives. New Year Eve is one of the important event, which is celebrated from 31st December’s evening to all night, till the start of new year. Celebration and wishes are made. People have their own way of making wishes. According to their traditions and cultures, everyone has his own way to wish.

One of the older way of making wishes to exchange wishing cards along with the gifts. Especially children have a great found of making cards, they decorate the cards for their parents, grandparents, siblings and friends. While elders buy the cards and give to their relative. But now, as the world becomes universally global, social networks have taken over the charge. People just wishes through internet. Instead of cards, people share the pictures with wishes on them, but still children have their own fun in their craft. But nevertheless, wishes through social sites make it easy for the people to wish in all over the world. You can wish anyone anywhere anytime.

For the upcoming new year, I wish the new year will be beneficial for you, it will bring peace to all of you.

New Year Wishes

New Year Balloons new year wish
New Year Balloons

A New Start new year wish
A New Start

New is the Year new year wish
New is the Year

Welcome New Year new year wish
Welcome New Year

Prosperous New Year new year wish
Prosperous New Year

Albert Einstein - Wish  new year wish
Albert Einstein – Wish

God Gives You new year wish
God Gives You

Wish With Roses new year wish
Wish With Roses

Happy New Year new year wish
Happy New Year

Cheerful New Year new year wish
Cheerful New Year


New Year Wish new year wishes 2014
New Year Wish

Cheers and Joy new year wishes 2014
Cheers and Joy

Colors and Fun new year wishes 2014
Colors and Fun

Your Wishes Here new year greetings
Your Wishes Here

Flowers new year greetings

Bright and Happy New Year Wish new year greetings
Bright and Happy New Year Wish

Fulfill Your Wishes new year greetings
Fulfill Your Wishes

Peace and Joy new year greetings
Peace and Joy

Balloon new year greetings

Success in Life new year greetings
Success in Life

New Hope and New Scope new year wishes
New Hope and New Scope

Happy New Year 2014 new year wishes
Happy New Year 2014

Joy in Life new year wishes
Joy in Life

Wonderful New Year new year wishes
Wonderful New Year

Wish new year wishes

Greetings new year wishes