Sister is a forever - Quotes About Sisters

25+ Emotional Quotes About Sisters

Sister is a precious gift, a beautiful relationship. If someone has it, he is so lucky. Sister is only one of a kind and means a lot instead everything. With the sister, you get so many extra gifts. She can be a friend, secret sharer, a toy, a teacher and a mother too. After the parents, someone really desire to have sister with whom he can share the things you want.

When someone has an elder sister, she can be source of your joy, happiness. Her pranks, her jokes, her humorous activities, her smile means everything to someone. He just love everything about her. You just love to see her playing with dolls, sewing the doll’s clothes, building a small house, making food in small toys. He just looks like a sweet little angle, busy deep down in her thoughts, no worries about the world. It is really like a treasure to have her.

When someone has older sister, she can be a teacher, a mother, a secret sharer. She is like a hero to him. If you are in trouble, she will stand with you even the whole world goes against you, fight for you, do whatever she can do. She is the one who advises you if he does something wrong. A sister is like soul which always remain with him no matter what comes in the way. She is like a hero, a role model, he follows the footsteps to reach a position of hers.

Here is some the heart touching quotes about sisters. Share it with your sisters:

Quotes About Sisters