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25+ Best Cute Quotes

By Fahad Hashmie / April 5, 2014

No one can deny the power of words. You can instantly change other’s mindsets and beliefs through effective communication. Words can resolve certain conflicts that even wars and fights fail to settle. Sometimes, you loved ones get mad at you about something and you can’t think of anything to persuade them; the best way to […]


25+ Cool Funny Quotes

By Fahad Hashmie / February 19, 2014

Life! Such a precious and beautiful gift but at the same full of tragedies, catastrophes and misfortunes that leads us to perilous path of times. Many people chooses Fun to lessen the effects of what he suffered through in the life. It allows you to shut down that part of the brain which allows you […]


25+ Classic New Year Quotes

By Hammad Malik / December 18, 2013

New Year begins with new joy and happiness.As someone has rightly said that every person should be born again on the first day of January.When new year starts ,there are new hopes and desires.The new year begins on first of January.People do a lot of arrangements on this day.They celebrate this day with full enthusiasm.People […]


50 Heart Touching Tumblr Quotes

By Hammad Malik / March 6, 2013

So Here are some top level 50 tumblr quotes to inspire you.You can download them and share them with others. Our life is beautiful,everyone in life wants to be a sweet and healthy life. Tumblr started its work for its users in 2006 and now a days it is providing a best result for all kinds of quotes pictures and top […]