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30+ Upholding Love Quotes For Her

By Fahad Hashmie / February 21, 2014

Life itself is a gift but in this gift another gift is hidden and this precious gift is Love. Love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection to someone you care about.Love is a chemistry between the persons, which includes commitment, true and respect. Instead these are the conditions of love which make […]


30 Top Level I Hate You Quotes

By Hammad Malik / September 23, 2013

Sometimes in our life we are thing to hate someone but it is very difficult to hate the person who is very close to use,who might be very important for you,whom you have full trust and whom with him you can’t live or even can’t think of living without that person but there are some […]


30+ Heart Touching I Miss You Quotes

By Hammad Malik / April 13, 2013

Missing someone is very natural.It is mostly found that we miss the person who remained very close to us and one day certainly he left us without any reason or for some reasons.For some one it is very difficult to live and start his new life without such type of person.His life,his every moment ,every time was […]


35+ Heart Touching And Mind Blowing Love Sayings

By Hammad Malik / April 5, 2013

Our life is full of happiness. There are many people in this world who love us and wants love from us.Love is a natural feelings of someone for someone  other.You may fall in love with someone unknown or someone you may close to him.Love bring happiness in life and sometimes its hurt when you are […]

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