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30+ Heart Touching Collection Of Depression Quotes

By Hammad Malik / July 20, 2013

Our life is compressed of different parts.Each part has its own value and importance. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are very sad.We have to go through each and every part of our life with smiling faces so that we might able to overcome its effects.Without smiling faces we might not able to overcome […]


33 Cool And Heart Touching Trust Quotes

By Hammad Malik / June 23, 2013

The relation of love, respect, and honour between any two persons or more than two persons is known as the trust. Trust is very broad term. It is famous mainly between the two people. Trust in each and every relation is very important. In each and every relation is impossible to survive without trust. Trust […]


27 Mind Blowing And Heart Touching Happiness Quotes

By Hammad Malik / June 16, 2013

Happiness is a metal state which influence the mind of the person and attitude of the person.It is clear from all kind of aspects that people cant buy happiness.If you want to live a happy life,You need to give happiness to others,you need to meet others with love,you need to treat others with happy face […]


30 Best And Top Level Jealousy Quotes

By Viet Le / March 10, 2013

In Our life we have to face many types of people.Some people are very loving and very kind to us but in the whole world and very near to us their are some people who are very jealous with us because of our more beauty more power and many other reasons of the jealousy.It is […]

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