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Top 20+ Quotes About Learning From Mistakes

By Viet Le / November 16, 2016

We know that no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. It is a part of human nature to make mistakes. And though some mistakes might seem like the end of the world, if you think about it, below the surface they give you the perfect opportunity to learn, grow and improve your own self. You […]


Quotes reminding you to keep moving forward

By Viet Le / November 14, 2016

Life is full of ups and downs. You might get knocked down when you don’t see it coming. You can never tell when life will hit you hard.¬† And it is not about how hard you get hit. It’s about even you got hit, you still made ways to recover from it. We must never […]


25 Exclusive Quotes About Strength

By Fahad Hashmie / June 4, 2014

Life is very beautiful.In life we meet many good people who may later becomes our good friends and they always remained in our hearts with time we come to know that everyone in this world with whom we meet is not necessary is very loyal and loving and cool with us.Sometimes in life we come […]


25+ Inspiring Quotes About Change

By Fahad Hashmie / May 28, 2014

Life is very beautiful.We have many relations in life,we have friends,we have family,we have lovers.All of these are great blessings of life and are very important for us.From the start of our life we saw the love of our parents for us.They are too much loving and caring about us.They want to give us all […]


25+ Motivational Sport Quotes

By Fahad Hashmie / February 28, 2014

It is well-known saying that a sound body contains a sound mind.The main objective of sports is physical,moral,mental development and bodily exercise.Besides,it also develop courage and team spirit in one’s life.Sports and games are the main source of physical health.Sports also develop the spirit of motivation and discipline which is very important to gain success […]


25+ Wonderful Success Quotes

By Fahad Hashmie / February 26, 2014

Success: The accomplishment of goal, the attainment of desire, that satisfies you, relieves you, brings honour to you and set yourself at peace. Success is evolving and subjective.It grows more and more as the desires of a person grows. And its level varies from person to person. To achieve success, one needs strength and values […]


25+ Inspiring Motivational Quotes

By Fahad Hashmie / February 25, 2014

Life is never a bed of roses, It is a bed of thorns. It makes you to suffer from hard time, it tries to bend you. There are sorrows, joys, ups and downs which everyone has to face. Life isn’t always¬†beautiful, it has obstacle, struggles. Sometime people lose their heart after facing some hurdles and […]


20 Best Dream Quotes

By Hammad Malik / September 26, 2013

Everyone in life want to see dreams in life. In fact everyone has some kind of dreams in his life.No one can live without dreams,some people have dreams to move high in the skies,some have dreams to get more money some have dream to get best partner and some people have all these dreams.When our […]

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