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30 Amazing HD Summer Wallpapers

Summer! One of the warmest season… the hot dry weather. The longer the days and the smaller the nights… Although looks tough and not seems good, but in winters, in chill and cold weather, everyone always wants that hot weather. In that freezing weather, you dreamed of a heaven having a warm weather with glowing and shining sun and throwing the rays on you, making you feel warmer and get rid of that weather. And truly said by Albert Camus :

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

It is also true that summer is a hot dry weather, but in some continents and areas it brings the wet season with thunderstorms and prevailing winds. A period in summer named “MONSOON” is associated with the wet season. It brings a lot of rains and thunder. Thunderstorm season in USA and related areas produces hails and tornadoes.

Summer is also associated with the summer holidays. Most of the schools and universities have a summer break. Although not at the same dates, but in all countries children and students got their holidays. Children go out and enjoy the summer breaks. In some countries, several public holidays also fall like: Bank Holidays in the UK and Ireland.

In summer, different and wide range of outdoor activities are performed. People take advantage of the warm temperature by spending time in the sun. Going to beach for a picnic and having sun bath is one of the activity. In sports, water polo, water skiing, surfing, tubing and swimming is one the famous activity. Summer is usually not good to indoor activities like television etc. Most of the school or college going children and boys travels in the summer and some do summer jobs or internship in the field.