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25+ Funny Birthday Wishes

By Fahad Hashmie / April 16, 2014

Birthday is the day on which on which an anniversary of birth is celebrated. Anniversary is a celebration which is made every year on a specific date. Anniversary is also the other name for the Birthday. These birthday has its importance, fame and fantasy specially for children. Children want to enjoy every bit of these […]


25+ Wishes, Greetings, Pictures And Wallpapers For New Year

By Hammad Malik / December 22, 2013

Edith Lovejoy has said “We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day”. New year is the beginning of a new year as well it marks the end of another year.Each new year […]


25+ Epic New Year Wishes

By Hammad Malik / December 19, 2013

Wish is a dream… A dream you want it to become reality… A reality you want it to become prosper and peaceful. It is a dream that you  make with your heart. A wish has no time for it, it can be made anytime and anywhere. There are many occasions where people make wishes to […]


25 Best Looking Christmas Cards

By Hammad Malik / November 21, 2013

Christmas is the day of happiness and love on this day people share love for each other.On this day they love to forget all the differences and they love to take care of each other.They love to invite each other at their houses and love to treat them with love and care.As love is very […]


20+ Hot Looking Christmas Tree

By Zahida S / November 6, 2013

Happiness is part of life.When we are happy everything going best for us.Life moving very smoothly .life teaches us many lessons in life from each lesson we should drive some sort of moral for us.Happiness teaches us many lessons how to help other in the time of need how to deals with others when we have […]


26 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes

By Hammad Malik / May 26, 2013

These are some beautiful sayings,quotes and wishes of Wedding Anniversary . We are blessed with many type of happiness in our life.Sometimes we are happy to find our close relations and sometimes we are happy to find special person in our life.We have many types of feelings in our relations.Sometimes we don’t want to lose our […]


20+ Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Friend

By Hammad Malik / May 23, 2013

These are some top level quotes,sayings and Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Friend .You can download them. Friends are the important part of our life.Sometimes in our life friends bring many happiness and cool thing.They play a vital role for our happiness.We may be very close to our friends are compared to our family ,friends […]