You Are The First Thing - Love Quotes For Her

30+ Upholding Love Quotes For Her

Life itself is a gift but in this gift another gift is hidden and this precious gift is Love. Love is a strong positive emotion of regard and affection to someone you care about.Love is a chemistry between the persons, which includes commitment, true and respect. Instead these are the conditions of love which make the bond stronger till death. Love need the loyalty and loyalty needs devotion. Love doesn’t see the quality in someone and the persons never say someone to change his/her nature, but it is nature with which someone love.Love is free but bind us. It binds us to one another wills and actions. It is a self-sacrifice, a vow and an obligation in which you have to cut down your desires and needs.As truly said by Catherine Doherty:

“What binds us together is Love, and only Love. For the love is a Person. Love is God.”

Although love does not need to be expressed. It is a thing that describes itself. But sometimes it need to be expressed. People think Valentine’s Day is the one day to express your feeling and emotions, but for a persons who truly loves someone, every day is valentine’s day. It does not need any especial event to express. It can be expressed any day and any time.And to express this feeling,many people have said quotes for their lover. Here is a collection of most effective quotes.

Love Quotes For Her