25+ Famous Poems About Life

poems about life

Life is a mixture of happy and sad moments.Every one considers the meaning of life according to his own way.Some believe that life is only for fun.Some believe that it is composed of troubles and hurdles.Some people consider that life is given to face hardships.Some events of life are so delightful that a person always remember and never wants to forget where others are so harsh and painful that leaves a strong and deep impact on a person’s mind.But the true meaning of life says that it is a mixture of joy and grief.There is hardly any one in this world who has not faced the ups and downs of life.So a wise man is the one who when come across with happiness is neither overjoyed nor he loses heart in difficult times. Albert Einstein has rightly said

“Life is Like riding a bicycle.To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

There are a large number of quotes and poems which can be found over the internet.Poems about the life help us to express our feelings.They also help us to express our emotions.Some people use such poems to understand what is life.So in order to spend a happy and charming life, person should always take into account the positive aspects of life.Here I have presented some of the beautiful and lovely poems about the life.These poems will help you to understand the true meaning and way of spending life.Share these poems with your friends and family.

Poems About Life

Life life poems


Too Late life poems

Too Late

Laugh Hard life poems

Laugh Hard

Life Lives life poems

Life Lives

As The Day Goes life peoms

As The Day Goes

I Feel The Cold Wind life peoms

I Feel The Cold Wind

Southern Life life peoms

Southern Life

My Life life poem

My Life

Write From Your Heart life poems

Write From Your Heart

Tomorrow life poem


Life Is Like A Camera life poem

Life Is Like A Camera

Poems About Life life poem

Poems About Life

Enjoy Every Moment life poem

Enjoy Every Moment

Back In The Days life poem

Back In The Days

The Journey poems about life

The Journey

The Tears poems about life

The Tears

Best Quote poems about life

Best Quote

Dance, live, sing and live poems about life

Dance, live, sing and live

Mistakes poems about life


To Do Or To Be poems about life

To Do Or To Be

Life Is Too Short poems about life

Life Is Too Short

Best Life Poem poems about life

Best Life Poem

It Hurts poems about life

It Hurts

Life Is Beautiful poems about life

Life Is Beautiful

Poem About Life poems about life

Poem About Life

Fact Of Life poems about life

Fact Of Life

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