Never Love Anyone - Oscar Wilde Quotes

30 Heart Touching Oscar Wilde Quotes

A famous Irish writer and poet Oscar Wilde was born on October 16 1854.He is very famous and after writing so many playwrights he became the famous and most popular playwrights in early stages of 1890’s.People still remembered him for his a lot of epigrams and famous plays. He proves himself throughout his life and that is the reason he is famous all over the world for his famous wording and writing. His words are the moral lessons for the people of all around the world. He act as a light to inspire man.His plays were full of moral lessons and message.

Quotes are the way in his play to motivate people and to force people to not afraid from this world and live a happy and healthy life.His famous quotes are still alive even after many years of his death.People love to see his plays which are now promoting in different movies.You can get full time inspirations from him and his life.

Oscar Wilde quotes