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25+ Charming Smiley Faces

Smileys or Smiley-Faces are the Emoticons (emotion icons) that are used to express the feeling of someone in the form of icons. At start these smileys were just combination of characters e.g. 🙂 (smiling face), 🙁 (sad face) etc. But now smileys are stylized into graphical representation and growing better and better from still images to animated images. These smileys are represent the humanoid emotional faces and it is now like a culture in the social networking media. Every chat application, every social network site, any mobile messaging application is considered to be nothing without smileys.

The first Smiley Icon was a Happy Face, designed by Harvey Ball in 1963. It was so simple, having a circle filled with yellow color and black dots, black arc representing the eyes and mouth respectively. It was created to raise the morale of the employees. Ball took 10 minutes to design it and was paid $45, which is equal to $330 USD in 2012 currency. And this rendition becomes the building block for Emoticons, and later on many ad campaign were inspired by this creation. And later many versions of this first Happy Face were created.

Smiley was first used in IBM PC and Compatible PC. Now a days, smileys are mostly used by every telecommunication companies. Every mobile chat application, social network sites have these features. And it seemed Facebook is so much working on it. Every month it has new smileys of new animated movies, and putting animation to these smileys creates it more charming and pleasing to watch. Here are some beautiful, cute and funny smiley face images and wallpapers, share it with your friends:

Charming Smiley Faces