Wedding Invitations

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25+ Creative Wedding Invitations

Marriage, is the beautiful and pleasing relationship in the life of married couple. Marriage is a vow in which couple take oath to live together till the end of their lives, they vow to stay together in every moment of life, in every ups and downs in the life. They vow to see happiness and sadness together. Marriage is a long lasting bond, which gets stronger and stronger with a secret ingredient “LOVE” along with some garnishing elements “trust, believe, unity”.

In society, to get married, a special event is organized know as Wedding. It is a social event at which marriage ceremony is performed. Many relatives, family members, friends get united in this ceremony. Wedding is actually a tradition inherited from cultures and religions. The main part of wedding is the wedding vow taken by the couple, presentation of gifts, greeting and wishing. And at the end of the this ceremony, one of the favorite thing for food lovers opens. Buffet is usually arranged at the end of wedding. And sweet dish has an integral part in this buffet.

On the ceremony of marriage, many relatives are invited. These relatives are invited with the help of Invitations or Invitation Cards. The cards are specially selected and designed for individual’s marriage. The selection of these cards is done very carefully. The cards selected are considered to be very beautiful and creative that can catch the eyes recipients. Here are some beautiful and creative wedding invitation. Have a look at it:

Wedding Invitations

Invitation by Owdes wedding invitations
Invitation by Owdes

Classic wedding invitations

Invitation wedding invitations

Purple Teal Invitation wedding invitations
Purple Teal Invitation

Turquoise Teal Invitation wedding invitations
Turquoise Teal Invitation

Asian Invitation wedding invitations
Asian Invitation

Turtles' Invitation wedding invitations
Turtles’ Invitation

Beautiful Invitation wedding invitation
Beautiful Invitation

Wedding Invitation wedding invitation
Wedding Invitation

By Thomasdin wedding invitation
By Thomasdin

Design wedding invitation

Tree Design wedding invitation
Tree Design

Blue and Black wedding invitation
Blue and Black

Creative Film Invitation wedding invitations
Creative Film Invitation

Finishing wedding invitations

Blue marriage invitations

Purple Snowflakes Invitation wedding invitations
Purple Snowflakes Invitation

Owls in Oak marriage invitations
Owls in Oak

Creative Design marriage invitations
Creative Design

Wedding Card marriage invitations
Wedding Card

Romantic Invitation marriage invitations
Romantic Invitation

Vintage Style marriage invitations
Vintage Style

Flower marriage invitations

Bow Invitation marriage invitations
Bow Invitation

Round Style merrage invitations
Round Style