Nothing is Impossible - Quotes About Life

25+ Best Quotes About Life

There is hardly any living being who has not gone through ups and downs of life.Actually life is a mixture of happy and sad moments as well as it is a combination of good and bad events.Some of the incidents may be forgotten as the time passes where some leave a deep and everlasting impact on ones mind.A person feels happy and delighted when he/she is favoured with fortune but become sad and dejected when has to face hurdles and hardships.Infact,a wise man is the person who is neither overjoyed when come across with happiness nor takes adversity to heart.

Ever person spends life and considers it in his own way.Idea of life relies on what a person has.If a person does not have much money then he would consider that charm of life lies in processing wealth.Some will find the purpose of life in spending time with friends or some will find in gossiping.Actually life is a combination of joys and sorrows which everyone has to face.So a person should neither lose heart in difficult and hard times.

To main purpose of life is to get happiness which can be achieved by helping others and by doing good deeds.The happiness also lies in self-sacrifice.In life we should always consider the bright side of things and neglect the negative side.As a result we will get pleasure and will be able to satisfy ourselves.Here are the collection of best quotes about life.

Quotes About Life