25+ Cool DIY Wedding Invitation

Wedding is an event in which a couple is bind together in a very beautiful relations. It is and event in which a couple is married and they take a vow to be always together till the end of life. This bond is only strengthen by trust, love, compromise and sacrifice. For this event, a day/date is saved which is called save the date/day. Which means all the other important works are put aside and only the selected event/work is important.

Wedding mostly exists as a social gathering. People, family member, friends are invited on this special occasions. They bring gifts and flower for the couple. The bride and groom take the marriage vow and then bound themselves into the bond. Special wishes and prayer are made for the couple. At the end of the this, buffet is served and it is the main part for food lovers.

To Invite the people on the wedding, Invitation cards are usually used. Instead this is the custom in many countries. They wedding cards are considered to be very special and beautiful. The selection of these cards held its own importance. Some people just design and made it their self. DIY mean Do It Yourself. DIY Wedding Cards means making the cards yourself. Here are some cool diy wedding cards, have a look at it:

DIY Wedding Invitation

Vintage diy wedding card

Vintage Invitation diy wedding card
Vintage Invitation

Diy Invitation diy wedding card
Diy Invitation

Colorful diy wedding card

Halloween diy wedding card

Centerpiece diy wedding card

Invitation diy wedding card

Red Silver DIY diy wedding card
Red Silver DIY

Ribbon diy wedding card

Wedding Invitation diy wedding card
Wedding Invitation

Black diy wedding card

Blue and Black diy wedding card
Blue and Black

DIY Fall diy wedding card
DIY Fall

DIY Layered diy wedding card
DIY Layered

Blue diy wedding card

DIY Invitations diy wedding card
DIY Invitations

DIY Pocket diy wedding invitations
DIY Pocket

Wedding Card diy wedding invitations
Wedding Card

Kits diy wedding invitation

Gorgeous diy wedding invitations

Bike diy wedding invitations

Ribbon diy wedding invitations

Idea diy wedding invitation

DIY Wedding Card diy wedding invitation
DIY Wedding Card

DIY Wedding Invitation diy wedding invitation
DIY Wedding Invitation

DIY Petal diy wedding invitation
DIY Petal

Pouch diy wedding cards