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25+ Famous Family Quotes And Sayings

Family involves most important relations; a person can have in his entire life. Being a family member means that you are bound by blood. You can always count on such relations. In bad times, when you can’t seem to find a soothing shoulder, when your close ones including your best friends leave you in disarray, family is the only thing that you can count on. Your parents, your brothers and sisters, your wife and children can never think or speak ill of you. Sure they can be judgmental sometimes but their love for you is rooted deep down in their hearts and it is stronger than any other feeling, they have for you.David Ogden Stiers has rightly said

“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”

Certain family quotes are can be found in form of written books and are on different websites all over the internet. They teach us valuable lessons of strengthening our bonds with our parents, siblings and children. Such quotes teach us to be always available for them. They teach us to spend quality time with our family because friendships may not last but family is there with you till the very end and even further beyond. No matter, how busy the schedule is; we should always find time to stay in touch with our family. We should always be available in the hour of need because these relations not only demand but also deserve our care and support.

Family Quotes and Sayings