Keeping Is Not Enough - Motivation Quotes

25+ Inspiring Motivational Quotes

Life is never a bed of roses, It is a bed of thorns. It makes you to suffer from hard time, it tries to bend you. There are sorrows, joys, ups and downs which everyone has to face. Life isn’t always beautiful, it has obstacle, struggles. Sometime people lose their heart after facing some hurdles and hardships. At that time Motivation is so important. It plays a critical and crucial role in achieving the goal. As someone truly said

“Motivation is a Golden Key to Success.”

Motivation is the key to success. Motivation brings a sparks in you and this sparks makes you to follow the success. To do hard work, someone needs motivation to getting things started, and once started it starts running. Motivation is like fuel, that someone always need to do his/her work. Life is hard and there are always problems, motivation helps you to keep going until you reaches the goal.Motivation makes your life easy and helps you to have fun in it. Motivation also satisfies you, the things you want to get, can easily be achieved with the spirit of motivation.Motivation can be money, health, family and business. It always enable to keep your eyes on the prize. Brian Littrell said,

“Shoot for the moon.Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Motivational Quotes